The work focuses heavily on automation. I’m interested in building systems that can self-manage, produce and archive work on their own. To accomplish this requires a shift away from a traditional studio practice to one that is mostly digital. My practice involves writing custom computer software that either: generates work, or automates a workflow.

I am currently working with the automated bots that were caught probing (attacking) my server. The shape, color, and position of each piece is determined by the IP address (a unique identifier given to every computer when accessing the internet) of the attacking bot.

Ultimately these bots want to be unseen. I think there is something beautiful and ironic in finding them and using their own identifying characteristics to generate a work of art without their knowledge.

For those interested I'm compiling books on the internet archive.

About the artist

brian phillips is a new media artist who writes algorithms that create minimal geometric abstractions.

He grew up in Lansdale PA and was classically trained as a printmaker at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia PA. brian still considers Pennsylvania “home” and shows work regularly in the state. While he is technically a resident of Florida—he lives and works in a travel trailer spending summers in Pennsylvania and traveling the rest of the year.

His transition into this more nomadic lifestyle required a shift from a more classical studio practice to a mostly virtual workflow. brian’s process now revolves around writing custom computer programs that generate and archive their own works of art to databases. Using technology in this way allows him unlimited experimentation without the physical limitations of storing large bodies of work.

Recent shows
  • June Exhibit, Sager Braudis Gallery, Columbia MO, 2021
  • Minimalism, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach CA, 2020
  • Everyday Magic, Exhibit B Gallery, Souderton PA, 2020
  • Grey | Gray (Matter), Divisible Projects, Dayton OH, 2020
  • Full House,, Online, 2020
  • The Juried Show, A Art Gallery Studio, Oklahoma City OK, 2020
  • SmallWorks, FrameWorks Studio & Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2019
  • Red Truck Gallery Pop-Up, Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans LA, 2019
  • Modern Male Pop-Up, Modern Male, Lansdale PA, 2019
  • Make Art Not Friends, Exhibit B Gallery, Souderton PA, 2019